Pitching In The Strike Zone at the Seattle Interactive Conference 2016

In my session, Pitching In The Strike Zone: Unlocking Your Authentic Voice For Success In Business at the Seattle Interactive Conference on October 18th, I mention the following resources, some of them on my website here, and others from elsewhere on the web.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: Advice for nonverbal and verbal delivery in presentations.

Presentation Skills Resources: a compendium of resources that I share with my clients and students.

The Science Of People TED Talk Research

TED Talks: The Official Guide To Public Speaking, By Chris Anderson


Here is the full description for my session:

Whether you are trying to make an impression with an individual or a crowd, crafting and delivering an authentic message is critical to your success. From elevator pitches to interviews, to the board room — your ability to connect with your listeners and build an empathic relationship will dictate the outcomes. After surveying the latest research on body language, storytelling, and verbal communication, Gregory Heller will share what he has learned through working with over 250 MBA students in the last 13 months and years of coaching executives and communications consulting. Attendees will be invited to workshop their pitch during this session.


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