Ignite 11NTC Line Up

Ignite is back for the third year running. We’ve scheduled Ignite talks for the first night of the 2011 NTC, so everyone who sees your talk will have a chance to catch you in the halls and ask you more about your presentation.
Ignite is the purest dose you can get of the passions of NTC attendees. Ignite is a fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking social event that educates and entertains. The evening will be split into two sets, each under an hour. Refreshments will be served before, during, and after.
Talks by (in no particular order):

  • George Weiner of http://Dosomething.org @Georgecaweiner: Tech Fiefdoms
  • Aaron Pava of CivicActions http://civicactions.com @pava: Non-Profit Technology Does Not Equal Good Technology
  • Jacob Smith of Masterworks.com http://shoeinthedoor.com @j8ke: From DC with Love
  • Devon Smith of 24 Usable Hours http://www.24UsableHours.com @devonvsmith: Guerilla Research & Analysis Tools to Rock Your Social Media World
  • Steve Heye of YMCA of Metro Chicago http://www.ymcachicago.org @steveheye: Technology is killing our community
  • Jason Shim of Mosaic Counselling and Family Services http://www.mosaiconline.ca @jasonshim: Mosaic Counselling and Family Services: A Case Study in Using Social Media for Outreach
  • Ruby Sinreich of HASTAC http://lotusmedia.org & http://hastac.org @ruby: Think like a network
  • Joe Klem of Urban Land Institute http://ULI.org @josephklem: Self-Inflicted Simplicity
  • Peter Genuardi of Soapbxx http://www.soapbxx.com @petergenuardi: Data, Who Cares?
  • Estrella Rosenberg of Big Love Little Hearts http://big-love.org @charityestrella: How we’re saving 3,000 lives instead of 300 for 1/10 the cost!
  • Shari Ilsen of VolunteerMatch http://www.volunteermatch.org @VolunteerMatch: This is Your Brain on Social Media: How to Target the Giving Cortex
  • Scott Bechtler-Levin of IdeaEncore Network http://www.ideaencore.com @IdeaEncore: Curation: Why it matters who “likes” you?
  • Linda Ziskind of Z2 Consulting/Local Good http://lindaziskind.com @lindare: How to translate “Blah blah DONATE NOW blah blah” into a language donors understand.
  • Karen Finn of Results Leadership Group http://www.resultsleadership.org:  Making your work count!
  • Ian Rhett of CivicActions http://civicactions.com @ianrhett: The Power Of Alignment

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