CivicActions Sponsoring D7 Release Parties

One of the many benefits of being a distributed company with people around the world is that our team is involved in the Drupal Community in many cities.  Today we are going to be celebrating in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, New York, Pittsburgh, Dublin and New Delhi. Not only will we be there, we’ll be sponsoring the events in those cities with cakes, beers and oysters.  

Yup, that’s right. In Seattle, I’ll be buying the first 7 Dozen oysters at Elliotts Oyster House for the Seattle Drupal User Group D7 Release Party.  Malcolm and Francois will be bringing beers and a cake to The Jibe offices in Vancouver. Rose, Fureigh, Peta and Joanne will be at the New York party where we are sponsoring drink tickets. Fen will be at the Pittsburgh party where we’re sponsoring beer and munchies. Kev will be celebrating in Toronto. Across the pond Stella probably already has bought some beers at the Dublin party, and tomorrow, halfway around the world, Sumit is going to bring a cake to the New Delhi party.

So if you happen to be in one of those cities, drop by the party, and say “hi” to a member of the CivicActions team!

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