MEanderthal: Morph Your Face Into That of an Early Human Ancestor

Last week I wrote about some recent press coverage for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s new website for the Human Origins Program and the related new exhibit in Washington, DC.

Well also last week, the museum released an iPhone and Android App called MEandertal which allows you to take a photo of yourself and then choose an early human ancestor to morph into.

The App has received some press coverage in and of itself. Wired Magazine says the app is so easy to use, an eight-year-old can do it. NPR’s Joe Palca blogged about it, now not only do I have a face to put to the voice when I hear it on the radio, I also have a Neanderthan Version of his visage. has the most extensive write up.

The App is an extension of a kiosk application at the exhibit and was released on the heals of the announcement that non-African humans have perhaps 1%-4% Neanderthal DNA.

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