Getting Ready for NTEN NTC: Working With Open Source Vendors and Software

On Friday I’ll be running a session at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) hosted by the Nonprofit Technology Entrepreneurs Network, or NTEN.  My session “Working With Open Source Software and Vendors” will feature a few panelists with different perspectives on the topic.

Sarah Davies has
been in charge of online communications strategy at the ACLU of Washington for three years. She has seen the effects of proprietary and open-source software on the operations and long-term budget of a nonprofit. Sarah has done consulting for many nonprofits in the Seattle area on a variety of software decisions from
agile blogging platforms to robust CMS installs.

has 25 years of experience in the application software, electronic commerce and banking industries. He was a senior consultant to where he lead the product design effort for their online donation and email broadcast services, as well as the customer billing systems. Dave is now with CiviCRM and will talk from his perspective working on the development of that powerful tool.

is one of the co-founders of Grand Junction Design, a woman-owned web development shop working exclusively with progressive nonprofits. She’ll speak from her perspective providing open source software consulting and development to nonprofit clients.

This session will provide an in depth look at how organizations can work with open source technology vendors to best leverage the open source technologies.
While the session will focus on web Content Management Systems and
Constituent Relationship Systems, many of the lessons also apply to
desktop software as well. 

 If you have ever wondered what the benefits and potential risks of
going with an open source vendor or software rather than a proprietary vendor or software are, this session is for

You can take a listen to a podcast interview of me about this session by Holly Ross, Executive Director of NTEN.

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