CivicActions Is Going To Light Up Ignite At The #10NTC

CivicActions team members Jenn Sramek, Ian Rhett and I are all presenting at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Converence, not only in full sessions, but also during the Ignite Reception on Thursday evening from 7PM to 9PM in International Ballroom F.

The Ignite format is great, originally appearing in Seattle as the brainchild of Bre Petis and Brady Forest back in 2006 and based on the Japanese presentation style called Pecha Kucha. Ignite presentations are 5 minutes long and consist of 20 slides set to auto advance every 15 seconds.  The Ignite slogan is “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

So what are we going to talk about?  Jenn Sramek’s talk is titled “10 Rules for Designing an RFP Process That Won’t Drive You or Vendors
Crazy!” and will cover some important tips for people and organizations embarking on an RFP Process.

Ian Rhett’s talk, “Staying in the Game: why working for change matters, even when you think
it doesn’t” will present Ian’s personal philosophy of working for change.

In my talk titled, “You Don’t Need a Website, You Need a Web Strategy” (ironicaly inspired by a now defunct website) I will cover the reasons and methods for developing a Web Strategy to guide your activitied on the web rather than jumping headlong into building website to keep up with the organization next door.

We hope that you will join us for the Ignite Reception to hear out talks and over a dozen others!


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