Voting on NTEN NTC Sessions for 2010

I just took some time to review all, ALL of the 10 pages of sessions proposed for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) organized by the Nonprofit Technology Entrepreneurs’ Network (NTEN).  There are some great  proposed sessions, and I encourage everyone who is considering attending to take the time to review and vote on the sessions. I always here some people grumble a little at the final agenda (before or after the conference), and this is our opportunity to really shape it.

I noticed a few big themes in reviewing the proposed sessions:

  • User Centric Web Design
  • Social Media and Twitter
  • Video
  • Cloud Computing
  • Green Technology

There were multiple sessions proposed that address each of these topics.  There were of course other topics that showed up in multiple session proposals, but these are the ones that stood out for me.  I think that it would be helpful to determine within each of these topic areas, what the subtopics are and ensure there there are strong sessions to address them.  Perhaps this step will take place after the voting has concluded.

Another observation of serious concern is that as I reached the last few pages, the total number of votes cast for sessions decreased (by more than half) compared with votes on the first few pages.  It took a fair amount of time to get through all the sessions and I suspect that many people are bailing out about half way through. Perhaps the order should be reveresed for the second week of voting?

And now, a few good looking sessions proposed by me, my colleagues, and others:


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