Site upgraded to Drupal 6

<p>It may or may not be obvious to you, but I upgraded my site recently to Drupal 6, I used the Acquia distribution of drupal, figuring it had a bunch of modules i was going to use, and then I added a few more that were not included.  I could have just downloaded all the modules I needed, but I figured I would go with Acquia's disto for now.</p>
<p>While doing the upgrade i took the time to clean out some (but not all) db cruft.  This database goes back to the days of CivicSpace, and me not knowing as much about drupal.  Back then I used a db prefix, so I spent some time removing the prefixes from over 100 tables.  That sucked.  But I learned the mysql syntax for renaming tables "RENAME TABLE" that was easy enough.</p>
<p>I still have a problem with the collation on quite a few tables, and i think that is effecting some character issues.  Basically, the version of my theses (which is 10 years old this year!) that is on this website has all kinds of funky characters in it.  It may or may not have to do with table colation.  I will get around to putting a clean version up, but you can always download the PDF if you are interested.</p>
<p>I'd say "check back soon for more updates" but that may not be the case, we'll see.  I've really tried to simplify things and make this website more of a "personal aggregator" so you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTub, FaceBook, Delicious, etc….</p>

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