JustCause Launches Digital Magazine with Zinio

Our client JUST CAUSE just launched their magazine, but digitally! Back in 2007 we worked with the Seattle based team behind JustCause to create a social media and networking website for people working to make their communities and the wold a better place.

From their announcement:

JUST CAUSE Magazine is now available to you in 2 formats.

We have partnered with Zinio, the leading publisher of digital magazines. Zinio will be delivering JUST CAUSE Magazine to you for free, every month, if you subscribe. You can read it on their web site, or download the Zinio “reader,” which we think is great – and pretty soon, you can get it on your iPhone!

We have also partnered with MagCloud to offer you print-on-demand copies of the magazine. Why print-on-demand? Because about 70% of the magazines that are printed get tossed without being read. Not to mention the paper, the ink, the energy, the waste, and the fuels used for transportation! We just couldn’t do that. But, if you order one, MagCloud will send it to you, and they are beautiful. Yes, they cost a little more, but that’s what magazines cost when they aren’t subsidized by the economies of scale that are so wasteful. We hope you’ll buy it – it will allow us to keep making them!

We are just thrilled for JUST CAUSE, and think that their efforts not only to highlight the people and organizations doing great works, but also to experiment with new formats and distribution channels is very exciting and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them as their readership and membership grows.

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