Why I Wish I Was Going To The Social Tech Training

Social Tech Training When I heard about the Social Tech Training being organized by our friends over at Web Of Change it sounded awesome. As the agenda and speakers came out, my expectations were confirmed. This is going to be a fantastic training for anyone looking to take their web strategy up a notch.

From the site:

No one working in social change these days can afford to ignore the opportunities offered by the web. Most organizations get stuck, though, on “How do we do it?” “Where do we start?” and “Who can help us?” Interest in high, but the talent pool of people equipped to understand, prioritize, and implement these tools and ideas remains limited.

You can say that again! I hear these questions all the time, and with every week, seemingly, there is a new social media or social bookmarking site, its hard even for a professional to keep up.

The only problem with this training is that I am not going to be able to make it!

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