Typing On An XO (OLPC)

I am at Jenn’s house for the upcoming project managers’ retreat, and have been playing with an XO (OLPC). After spending far too much time trying to open it, and far too much time trying to save a document, and far too much time playing with TamTamJam (the music program) I decided to try to browse our website, and now I find myself leaving a blog entry. The XO is definitely cute, but perhaps because I already have so many preconceived notions of how a computer works, and what certain icons mean, I have been finding the adjustment a little difficult.

I remember reading a quote from Negroponte, something about poor kids deserving computers too, I can’t help but think that poor kids deserve FAST computers too. While the XO seems fun, and has lots of little applications like the ones that fascinated me on my brothers first Mac, it seems to me like some of it is overly complex, and not exactly the most useful thing. I mean the music ap, which i found to be the most fun is really really tricky to use!

We’ll see what the learning curve is like as I continue to play around with this.

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