The Way We Work: Twitter Hack

Yesterday while waiting at the Cancun airport with Aaron, Henry, Mirasol, Nedjo, Owen and Justine, a few of us got to talking about FriendFeed, Twitter and

Aaron and I are avid users, tagging all sorts of interesting sites. And we follow numerous lists and feeds thus pulling together some great information and redistributing it through the company.

Aaron asked me why I used Twurl (aka Tweetburner) with Twitter. I explained that it allowed me to easily post interesting links directly to Twitter, but that I had recently figured out another hack that integrates my tagging workflow to include posting to Twitter.

  • Tagging bookmarks on with “tweet”
  • Pull the RSS feed of your bookmarks tagged “tweet”
  • Set up a Tweetburner account
  • Add the feed to tweetburner and have it post to your twitter account.

So now if I want to bookmark something and share it on twitter, I need only tag it with “tweet”. I still use Twurl for things that I don’t want to bookmark but do want to share.

In other news… I’m on FriendFeed now, and slowly rebuilding my “network” on

For those who don’t know, is a micro-blogging service based on the Free Software Laconica tool, licensed under the GNU AGPL. The idea behind is that you, the user, control your data and can download it if you want, and take it elswhere if you want (read their privacy policy). This is all fine and well, but the system doesn’t seem to have a critical mass of subscribers, nor does it have the eco-system of associated applications yet. Hopefully it will catch on.