See You at DrupalCon and My Session “Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration”

On Sunday night I fly out to Boston for DrupalCon. Four full days of sessions and meeting sand social events, I get a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. Which is why I am taking a moment right now to post a blog about my session on Monday at 1:30pm, “Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation: Can Drupal Shops Work Together“. Though it is billed as a panel, I envision it as more of an open discussion amongst representatives from some of the leading Drupal Development Shops.

I have invited about a dozen Drupal Professions and most have confirmed that they will attend. I am hopeful that we can tackle some interesting issues related to the business of building websites with Drupal while supporting the Drupal Community and the Drupal Project.

I’ll be sure to take notes and post them as soon as possible after the session.

I look forward to meeting so many new people at DrupalCon (800 people registered!) and seeing lots of familiar faces.

For those who really want to know, I am on Twitter and will update based on which sessions and events I am headed to.

I will also be helping to present the Non Profit Industry Networking Event along with Eric Gundersen of Development Seed on Monday evening!

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