Module Monday: Create Content Block

Today’s Module Monday is a quick one. I can’t believe that for so long so many people have lived with the “node/add” page or the “Create Content” menu items as the primary way to add a new node to a Drupal site — I can’t believe I put up with this for so long! Well, last November I was working on a project and we ran up against this “problem”, it was particularly acute due to the use of Organic Groups.

Of course you could use the default menus, but if the site has many content types, then you may have an ungainly menu block to deal with, otherwise you might have to go to the node/add page.

Create Content Block Drupal ModuleWell this is where Create Content Block comes in. Doug Green put together this little module which solves the problem I describe above in a very elegant manner. When you add and enable the module you get a nice little block with a drop down menu that shows only the content types the current user has access to create.

Create Content Blog is also Organic Groups aware while not relying on OG. If your site is using OG, and the user is on an organic group node, selecting a content type from the create content block will enable the user to create a new node WITHIN the current group.

At admin/build/block you can set the title of the Create Content Block and the button.
Create Content Block Drupal Module Admin Screen

So check out Create Content Block, try it out on your next project!