JUSTCAUSE: Is Your Organization Ready for Online Social Networking?

Just before the holiday break, I spoke with Alyssa Royce, Editor of JUSTCAUSE about non profits, the internet and the social networking (full disclosure: they are one of our clients, and I worked with them on the site which launched at the end of the summer).  Alyssa was researching an article on nonprofits and social networking for the GuideStar newsletter.

Among the points i discussed with Alyssa was the need to dedicate appropriate and sufficient resources to a web strategy in order to achieve the goals of your web strategy:

• Set a budget. Once your expectations are defined, it can be helpful
to look at those expectations as a job description for your Web site.
As such, you need to dedicate time to social networking. Budget time to
feed your on-line community, and it will reward you. Even if you are
not building your own site, you need to devote time to the care and
feeding of your on-line communities.

That article is worth a read for anyone looking to establish a web presence, and those looking to take advantage of social networking and social media on the web.

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