Henry Poole Quoted on Web Security For Political Campaigns

Our very own Henry Poole was quoted in a PC World article on Barack Obama’s web security:

Internet security is always a top priority for political campaigns, even if security jobs are not always advertised, said Henry Poole, founder of the Internet campaign consultancy CivicActions. “We’ve always had somebody looking at the security issues,” he said. “Maybe it’s just an issue of the Obama campaign being more transparent.”

While Web defacements and denial of service attacks may be the most common security problems, a Web privacy breach could quickly become a major campaign issue, Poole said. “For a big office, things like the reputation of the candidate are really important,” he said.

At CivicActions we actively monitor the security of our websites and use a hardened version of GNU/*/Linux called Owl developed and maintained by Openwall, who happen to be our security team.

And speaking of security, Owen Barton (grugnog) recently identified a vulnerability in the Taxonomy Image Module for Drupal.

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