Flying Apron got nuttin' on Baby Cakes!

<p>This morning I decided i would drop into <a href="">flying apron vegan bakery</a> after grbbing a cup of coffee at stickman (both in Fremont). I've been to flying apron before, and was not really impressed with their sweet treats, but i figured i would give it another try, maybe I just didn't get a good one. And besides <a href="">Baby Cakes</a> (in New York) manages to make everything awesome and vegan, so I know it can be done.</p>
<p>Dissapointed again! I got something called an apricot footprint. it is like an oily biscut of sawdust with a mascerated over-ripe apricot in the center.</p>
<p>I'm sorry, there is no compelling reason to eat this, even if you are vegan (which i am not) or have celiacs (which i don't). Garbonzo flour does not, it would seem, make good sweet treats… and canola oil is no substitute for whatever they were substituting it for. But lastly, how could they not make a good apricot compote of some sort without sugar? i mean, use some honey, or agave, a little stevia to boost the sweetness perhaps?</p>