DrupalSouth: The New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008

DrupalSouth logo: The DrupliKiwiFruit CivicActions is a proud sponsor of DrupalSouth; the New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008. DrupalSouth will bring NZ’s Drupal community together for the first NZ-wide Drupal event and the first ever DrupalCamp in NZ.

A collection of individual Drupal professionals in Christchurch, New Zealand are organizing the event, including our very own Bevan Rudge. Bevan will be presenting on Google Maps in Drupal; The Hub Map, in which he will showcase the Hub Map, and talk about implementing Google maps mashups in Drupal.

From the DrupalSouth press release:

DrupalSouth runs for two days in the first weekend of November, starting at 9:30 am on Saturday 1st November and concluding at 6 pm on Sunday 2nd November 2008, New Zealand standard time. The morning of each day will be filled with presentations, while the afternoons will be open to less formal talks, discussions, demonstrations, tutorials and hacking.

Many of the speakers are well-established Drupal and Open-Source community contributers like Dan “dman”, Brenda “Shiny” Wallace, Bevan Rudge and Marek Kuziel (Open ID, Python, Postgres). Others have won NZOSS awards for their contributions to Open Source, like Joshua Campbell and Dave Lane.

The awesome line up of presenters will present on a variety of topics, such as How Drupal stacks up in enterprise, OpenID and Drupal and Google Maps in Drupal, to name just a few.

DrupalSouth presents a great opportunity for attendees to learn new and interesting Drupal skills, techniques and resources, network face to face with industry leaders and Drupal professionals, companies and users, engage new clients, employees and contractors, discover how others are using Drupal or promote their own company or services.

Read the full press release here or find out more about DrupalSouth at DrupalSouth.net.nz.

In other DrupalCamp news, we also just signed on as a sponsor of BADCamp2008 in Berkeley October 11th and 12th.

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