DrupalCamp Seattle Wrap Up

Wow, what a great 2 days! We had over 80 people show up over 2 days for some great sessions at DrupalCampSeattle.

I think that the highlight, had to be Greg Dunlap’s Deploy Module Presentation, again! And of course some great hallway conversation and little show and tells.

A big shout out to all the sponsors, and everyone who pitched in to help.

Check out DrupalCampSeattle, for more wrap up information and links to session presentations (my updated IA Presentation Deck is attached to this post, I also plan to edit the audio of my presentation and synch it up with the slides within the next 2 weeks or so.)

Thanks to Jared, Kirk and Gary for handling video! You can watch videos from most sessions at DrupalCampSeatle08 here.