We-Think: another “open source” book

I just read of Charles Leadbeater’s book project, We-Think on World Changing. Leadbeater and his publisher have pre-released his book about new forms of collaboration and organization.
From the introduction:

The basic argument is very simple. Most creativity is collaborative. It combines different views, disciplines and insights in new ways. The opportunities for creative collaboration are expanding the whole time. The number of people who could be participants in these creative conversations is going up largely thanks to the communications technologies that now give voice to many more people and make it easier for them to connect. As a result we are developing new ways to be innovative and creative at mass scale. We can be organised without having an organisation. People can combine their ideas and skills without a hierarchy to coordinate their activities. Many of the ingredients of these forms of self-organised creative collaboration are not new – peer review for example has been around a long time in academia. But what is striking about Wikipedia, Linux, Second Life, Youtube and many more is the way they take familiar ingredients and combine them to allow people to collaborate creatively at mass scale.

And this is, in many respects, right where we at CivicActions are: the intersection of technology, collaboration, media, empowerment… 2007 is going to be a very interesting and exciting year.

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