Sponsoring Drupal Camps (NYC3 This Weekend)

This weekend is DrupalCampNYC3. DrupalCamps are an fun, interesting, if a bit quirky distributed event that CivicActions has been involved since what we think was the first one last year in SF, we subsequently were involved in sponsoring or planning DrupalCamps in Seattle (2), New York City (2) and Toronto.

You can find out all the latest DrupalCamp news on Groups.Drupal.org.

Each camp is different, but at its core, I think they all share the same values and the same spirit as the Drupal Project: people come to learn, people come to share. We’re proud to be a part of helping to facilitate that. The Camps provide a great opportunity for all levels of Drupalistas to come together and learn more about the software and the community.

A big thanks to all those who have helped make a DrupalCamp happen in your area. And to those who think you might want to plan one, take the first step and post to the Drupal Camp Group, plenty of folks, including myself, can help you get it started.

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