Never too early to start your campaign

I was cleaning up my email in box today and noticed an email from Eliot Spitzer the newly minted governor of New York State. Nothing out of the ordinary there, until i went to set up a filter to stick the email (and the barrage of subsequent ones I am sure I will get) into a special folder. The “From” address was! Which was kind of odd, because the website that he was using for 2006 was (David Paterson being his running mate, and my former boss).

Other than the fact that photo on the live Spitzer website is a little unflattering (probably due to the superimposed yellow background the site is in a “maintenance mode of sorts, as is the site (they are both showing the same site). Without even a blog, or news ticker. For a guy that was expected to win the general before he even qualified for the ballot, and campaign that has purchased a specific domain name for the next election 4 years off, it is kind of suprising that they weren’t ready to go with a website that lets New Yorkers get involved and stay informed.

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