Edwards Campaign Goes Carbon Neutral and Helps Voters Do It Too!

John Edwards is the first presidential candidate to go carbon neutral. Not only has the campaign taken steps to offset its carbon footprint and conserve energy, they have also launched ReduceYourCarbon.com a site that lets people pledge to reduce carbon emissions through concrete steps like changing incandescents to fluorescents, adjust the thermostat, improve fuel economy through reducing driving or keeping tires inflated. (Interesting side note, EcoGeek recently pointed to a Popular Mechanics review of CFL light bulbs and the quality of the light apparently the curly bulbs have a bad rap and actually give off higher quality light than their energy consuming brethren!) It seems to me like ReduceYorCarbon.com could add a few more pledges people can take, reducing phantom load

I first saw coverage of the Edwards Campaign’s site on the TerraPass blog which merely remarked that it is interesting how much of a role climate change is set to play in the campaign.

Earlier this year, Edwards organized a national day of action to reduce energy consumption in which volunteers helped people better insulate their homes, change light bulbs and take other conservation steps.

In other Carbon Neutral News, Yahoo has gone neutral! It would be great if they would also highlight sites and tips that help Yahoo users reduce their footprint too!

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