DrupalCampSeattle07 a Big Success!

DrupalCampSeattle2007 was a huge success, and a lot of fun! I just got home and figured I would post a quick note before heading back out. We had over 40 people spread across our two tacks (user/superuser admin focused and developer focused).

We made significant progress on our barn raising for “Celia The Dark And Weird” a community site for teen poets, which proved to be a great teaching tool! We covered: CCK, View, Taxonomy, module installation, organic groups, and even some Panels! We had a wide ranging discussion about choosing modules and collecting requirements in order to do so.

Roland Tanglao of Bryght came down from Vancouver and shot a ton of video which will be edited in the coming weeks, and I’ll be sure to post a link to it.

I lead a mid afternoon YogaForGeeks session. I will post the “routine” and hopefully someone snapped a picture while 10 of us were doing some Tadasana, Utkatasana and Uttanasana, Anjali Mudra and some standing twists and wrist exercises. Someone asked “are you also a yoga instructor?” “No, but I play one at DrupalCamp!” (thanks to my teach, Douglas at 8 Limbs Yoga (on Capital Hill in Seattle) and of course to Sarah Pullman of YogaForGeeks.com for paving the way for yoga sessions at geek events!

CivicActions and Pyramid Communications sponsored the event which was produced by the Seattle Drupal User Group with special organizing help and leadership from Robin Barre (who is working with CivicActions on Witness Video Hub) and Shawn MacDougall. Thanks to everyone else who helped out with setting up the rooms, and traveling to attend and to Uptown Espresso for the coffee donation. They kept us pretty wired. (I’ve worked from their cafe, and even worked from their parking lot after hours one night when I needed to send out a CiviMailing for DefectiveByDesign proving once again that if you work for CivicActions you can work from literally ANYWHERE!!!)