“Drupal Simple Tested”

Earlier today I, and a few others from CivicActions, attended a session at DrupalCon on building a Drupal Specific QA team. The presentation really focused on the existing resources for testing, simple test, selenium, etc…

After the presentation was concluded, the floor opened for comments and questions and Jeff Micolis from DevelopmentSeed suggested requiring simple tests for all modules. Angie Byron of Lullabot countered that that could reduce participation and new submissions by increasing the barrier. I then suggested that instead of stifling innovation by requiring simple test, why not create an icon that indicates the existence of a simple test for a module and put in on project page for modules that have a working simple tests. Users could then filter by only modules with simple tests (conversely a user who wanted to write a simple test could filter by all modules without one).

So let’s create a “Drupal Simple Tested” icon! Little drupal head with lab coat and stethoscope.

Other ideas that came out of the session were:

  • Hold quarterly “Drupal Bug Fix Days” (maybe move them around regionally, like North American Bug Fix Day, and European Bug Fix Day.
  • Ask Geo DUGs to adopt a module and keep the issue queue clean

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