Ditching AAA for Better World Club

About two week ago I was listening to Inside Renewable Energy (my favorite podcast, because I’m a geek like that!) and host Stephen Lacey interviewed Mitch Rofsky, President of the Better World Club, a different kind of auto club (like Automobile Association of America).

Mitch explained how AAA actually spends your membership dollars, not on road side assistance, rather on lobbying congress to keep gas prices and gas taxes low, lobbying against mass transit improvements, and lobbying against increases in CAFE standards.

Now I don’t own a car anymore, but back when I had one, I joined AAA, and I never canceled my membership because I figured it would be good to have in case of an emergency. Well after hearing this program, and doing a little reading, I canceled my AAA membership and I joined Better World Club. Not only do they provide comparable roadside service, they also provide roadside service for bicycles! And of course plenty of discounts and partner programs.

So if you are an AAA member, I suggest you check out BWC and switch your membership!

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