CNN on politicians domain Names

CNN ran a report on their blog about presidential politicians’ efforts to secure domain names for their efforts. Among the list of candidates covered in the story was Tom Tancredo.

The site bearing the name of Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado, is registered to political Internet Strategist Henri Poole. Poole tells CNN he intends to use it “in opposing [Tancredo’s] nomination.” A spokesman for Tancredo, whose campaign site is actually, said this is “not something we are concerned with,” pointing out that “hate sites against [Tancredo] are a dime a dozen.”

Henri Poole is, of course, our Henri Poole!

I thought the most interesting part of the quote above was the Tancredo staffer whop pointed out that anti-Tancredo sites are “a dime dozen.” What does that say about your candidate!

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