Cell Phones Maybe Illusive Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

If it is to be believed, we may be totally out of luck as a species. Cell Phones may be the cause of the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder effecting Bees in Europe and the United States. WorldChanging reports that bees provide somewhere between $14 billion and 92 billion in free pollination services. The WorldChanging article is very interesting and worth a read. Hope and I were doing some calculating based on what may be a bogusly attributed quote to Einstein that humans have about 4 years left on the planet after bees disappear, and based on our back of the envelope calculations (and this quote which seems to be bogus) the bee die-off could lead to the end of the world coinciding with the Mayan predicted end time 2012!

Any way you slice it, CCD (as it is known) sounds like really bad news. I, for one, would pledge to put away the cellphone to save the bees!

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