Three Questions with Amit Gupta

So if youhave been listening to these podcasts, you have realized by now that “Three Questions with…” is just a title and has nothing to do with the number of questions I actually ask. It is, however, the way I dupe my subjects into participating in the podcast: “Hey Amit, can I ask you three questions for my podcast?”

Anyway, this is the shortest one of the batch, I think that both Amit and I were pretty burnt out, he more than me perhaps, but the point is after two marathon days of sessions, discussions, debates, blogging, tagging, photographing, it was hard to muster the energy to talk more.

Amit was one of the conveners of BarCamp, so I wanted to be sure to get him on the record about the experience.

Listen Here

I want to mention that if any of you out there want to leave audio comments, you can leave a message at 206-203-3531, it will be sent to me as a wav, I’ll encode it and post it as a comment. Just let me know in the message which entry you are commenting on.

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