Return to sender….

How many times have you received an email from a sender you don’t recognize about a website that you do recognize? More specifically, how many political emails (about candidates or otherwise) have you gotten that are sent by some staffer on the campaign who’s name is generally unremarkable?

Well, i get dozens of political emails a week, many from NY State or city candidates. Recently a new name started popping up in my in box. lets just say the email address is “”, but then the from addres in the message header appears to be “Campaign Manager”.

A few obvious questions: why isn’t the sender email address an address?
Why aren’t they the same?
a gmail account?
What is with that crazy istandfor domain?
and why isn’t the name in the from address one that is going to be a bit more catchy? Does the campaign really think that I am going to develop a relationship with this person in they way that I might have in the early days of moveOn with Zack or Eli? The emails I am getting are mostly just press releases, with no personal voice whatsoever.

It would make more sense for the messages to come from “Mark Green For AG” have the sender be the same, and have the reply to be “” or some such.

Another campaign that is doing a similar thing is the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Ann Lewis is the apparent sender of the emails, but at least they are written in a personal voice from Ann.

The move on folks have been using a new format for their sender aliases “Eli Pariser, MoveOn Civic Action”
Nice and clear, tells me who from where is sending me the message and the subject tells me the rest.

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