My Presentation at BarCampNYC

I’m at BarCamp today.

I am posting my presentation on the CivicActions Open Business Model and the Drupal Guild Concept. The presentation was created in OpenOffice2.0 and exported to PDF using the built in PDF export. This is the first version of the presentation. i’ll be giving some variation on this presentation at PlaNetWork in Seattle on January 25th, and then at Open Source CMS Summit and DrupalCon and maybe the Drupal Developers Meeting in NYC in February (tentatively the 16th).

Got lots of good feed back from folks, including some Drupal developers in the room. Lots of good questions and thoughts. I will post them more later. I just really wanted to get the presentation up in case anyone wanted to see it.

ADDENDUM: I failed to list credits on the presentation or here. Dan’s “Free Biz 1.0” presentation from DrupalCon Amsterdam provided a foundation for the Open Business component of the presentation. The Drupal Guild Concept (as I have indicated before) was developed in collaboration with many people, their names are mentioned on the wiki.

I have updated the presentation PDF to include a CC statement. THere are no other substantive changes to the presentation in the v2.

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