More Drupal Mapping from Development Seed!

Had a quick Skype with Eric Gundersen of Development Seed. Eric and I catch up every week or three to talk about developments in drupal development. Particularly the modules that our shops are working on (and modules that other shops are workign on too!).

We’ll be having a call sometime soon to talk about their seed campaign module, our mapthing module, and forward and send. Basically this is my dream recipe that does viral e-activism with maps!

Eric pointed me to this blog post about some google based geotagging work they are doing. “[They are] working on building a new geocoder module for Drupal to make syndication of content to maps and Google Earth easier.”

Looks like Dan‘s MapThing module might be able to play nice with this. Or maybe this provides the functionality that Dan’s does WRT to mapping things other than users? I’ll let them sort it out!

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