MeCommerce from GoodStorm

GoodStorm, the Drupal Powered on demand T-Shirt printing service, is launching a new service called “MeCommerce” (see article here which will allow bloggers (and other websites) to include an ecommerce widget which will:

allow bloggers to insert product listings in a javascript and iframe box on their sites and keep 50% of the retail mark-up for themselves. Blog readers will be able to purchase books and CDs inside the box without leaving the blog page they are on. Blog publishers can populate their boxes by tag or with specific items of their selection.

This is kind of like a “stuff i like” concept (see Stuff We Like).

Incidentally, CivicActions has a GoodStorm Store where you can buy a “CivicActions Empowered” Shirt, or a Drupal Camp Seattle Shirt.