MashPitIt’s about time that we stopped futzing around and built tools that worked for ordinary folks, yeh, the ones who don’t have time to live and breathe tech like the rest of us seem to. Most of the world is not like us (surprise!) and at some point, yes, we []

I talked a bit to Chris Messina this weekend at BarCamp, and he talked about the idea of mashPit, I wanted to call a little extra attention to it, particularly for the CivicActions team. It sounds like it might be fun!

Here is what Chris says over on his blog:

Anyway, our events are different enough to warrant the name change anyway. Whereas my event is more of a one-day micro-hackathon, David wants there to be many more participants (on the order of 25 times as many!) as well as host a number of mashup based contests with cool prizes and whatnot. So hey, I say, the more the merrier. No one can own the camp meme, so the more it spreads and gives regular folks the opportunity to get involved with all this new fangled techie stuff, the better!