Going “off-site”: Amsterdam 2006

In mid September nearly the entire CivicActions team will converge in Amsterdam for our fourth Quarterly “off site�. It is an anniversary of sorts, we were in Amsterdam in October of 2005 for our first offsite. As a virtual firm, distributed across the world, we make it a point of coming together on this periodic basis to meet each other, share ideas, get aligned, and do amazing things. (You can see photos from earlier offsites on our Flickr group.)

This year, as last, our retreat is times to coincide with DrupalCon, this time in Brussles. Arthur, Dan and Ethan will be staying on for DrupalCon. CivicActions is a Gold Sponsor of the conference which will play host to many wonderful discussions about nodes, permissions, relationships and other drupalish things. This will be the third DrupalCon that members of our team have participated in.

Between the offsite (which consists of 4 days of strategy sessions, hacking, talking, trust falls – er, no trust falls) and DrupalCon, our engineering team is having a code sprint to take advantage of their colocation to do some heavy lifting. This is a new experiment for us, but I think everyone is excited about the opportunity to work across the room from each other, rather than across the continent.

Look for more posts about the offsite, the code sprtint and DrupalCon as we get ready to go, and while we are there.

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