God Awful Highways

<p>They call Seattle the Emerald City (or something like that i think..) And it is pretty nice, the lakes, the Cherry Blossoms, the mountains, the sound…. But the traffic! the horrible and inexplicable traffic jams on the awful highways! There are two major highways that run through the city, the 5 and 99. I have gotten stuck in traffic on the 5 at the most bizarre times! 2 pm on a saturday heading sounth bound just south of down town. 11:15 am heading north bound on a sunday just north of down town, and then at 1:45pm the same sunday south bound just south of downtown.</p>
<p>There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the timing of the traffic jams, but any one with an ounce of sense could explain that all the lane changes, the left hand exits and entraces, the entrances that require a driver to immediately cross 2 or more lanes if they want to stay on the highway they just got on might have something to do with it!</p>
<p>I don't think that I have take a single trip on the highways without seeing at least 1 breakdown or accident (usually a rear end collision) in the shoulder.</p>

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