Emergency Preparedness

<p>A few months ago (october) I read this [l:http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/003598.html|this WorldChanging post] which pointed me to [l:http://www.geftakysassembly.com/Articles/NewDirections/Pandemic.htm|the personal pandemic preparedness plan]. I then tried to open a conversation with my family about creating our own plan and preparing for a pandemic or other major emergency. The last time we had a major emergency in the NY area was teh blackout of 2003. My brother hopped in his car in the middle of the night leaving me in my 16th flr apartment with no electric or running water so that he could get to my parents house where he would be able to get online. </p>
<p>My brother responded to the email that he [gh:node/280|already had a month and a half of emergency food in his house].</p>
<p>While in florida, I talked to my parents about us getting prepared for an emergency and we decided to get some emergency food, figure out a water plan, and look into a generator for their house (i am pushing for one that can run biodiesel, as well as a longer term plan to add some solar heat or PV to their house).</p>
<p>I took the first step today ordering a variety of freeze dried and canned food from [l:http://www.aa-foods.com|AlpineAire Foods]. Of all the sites i looked at this was one of the only ones that seemed to have some good non meat options, though I am not sure that the shelf life of the products is as long as some others I considered.</p>
<p>I also ordered some emergency supplies including food bars, box water and a first aid kit from [l:http://saratogatradingcompany.com|Saratoga Trading Company].</p>
<p>[l:http://www.baproducts.com/food.htm|Here is some info about emergency food].</p>

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