Decompressing from the OSCMS Summit

I have just gotten back to Seattle from the Open Source CMS Summit / Drupal Con. My head is bursting with ideas. And it is going to take a few days to get all the ideas in order, but here is a quick list of interesting things that I will come back to in later blog posts:

Drupal Guild: lots of conversation about the Drupal Guild, about Drupal Foundation, Drupal Developer Meetings, Drupal Trainings, etc… I talked with Zack from CSL and others about moving forward on some fronts. (Rich and I will be working with Zack on a Drupal Service Provider listing)

decisions.module: I talked to Omar Bickell from Koumbit about the decisions module, which is super cool, and I see alot of potential for some of our clients and potential clients. Decisions lets a defined set of users make a decision on something, including using instant run-off voting.

ButchrPapr: Our launch of BETA made a splash, and like any splash after the pebble breached the surface of the water, the water became placid again rather quickly.

Actionscasts, Elevatorcasts (or mabey Vader Casts? or Vatercasts?) Staircasts: I started taking video with my cannon sd450 camera, it was way more satisfying and easier than podcasting using the powerbook as a recorder (though we did capture some good ones in the car.

There was talk about refactoring the various event systems, and looks like some good collaboration will come out of that.

Allie got people talking about relationship api and that seems promising too.

All in all it was an amazing 4 days with not enough sleep and too much tech, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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