Craig's List Enables Crime, Shut It Down

<p>If newspapers running classified ads were anything like th record companies and the RIAA, <a href="" target="new">reports like these</a> would be a jumping off point for a campaign to shut down the popular classifieds site, <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>What is the connection? Well, CraigsList enables all sorts of crime, real criminal crime, not just civil infractions, so CL is bad, and must be shut down.</p>
<p>The music labels that back the RIAA use similarly tortured logic to go after file sharing technology, demand DRM <A href="">(Digital Restrictions Managment)</a> and sue the pants off — often unwitting — internet users who may intentionally or accidentally make a music file available on their computer for other's to download.</p>
<p>Oh, if anyone is interested, I'd like to sell some really expensive jewlery tomorrow night around 10pm in the Muni Lot on Ludlow and Broome. It's a pretty quiet lot at night, so no one will disturb our transaction….</p>
<p>(I am kidding of course! Have fun on CL!)</p>

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