As I prepare for the Passover Holiday

<p>I thought I would share two recent links that came across my laptop recently:</p>
<p><a href="" target="new">Jewcy</a> carries some kitch apparel with slogans like "Shalom Motherfucker" and "A great Miracle Happened Here" <img src="" align="right" /></p>
<p><a href="" target="new">Jews Rock</a> is a website dedicated to ingformation about Jews in Rock and Roll.</p>
<p>A bonus link: <a href="" target="new"></a> has an interactive Jewish Holiday Calendar. You can pull iCal or ICS feeds into your web or desktop calendar! Never miss Rosh Chodesh again!</p>
<p>Some times I come across links and websites on the topic of Judaism or Jewish Cutlure and I tag them on <a href="" target="new"></a></p>