Adding Audio or Video to make your site stickier

Many organizations don’t think about how they can incorporate new types of content into their web strategies in order to compete in the “marketâ€? for their members’ or constituents’ time. The same goes for politicians and candidates. Podcasting and videocasting is really much easier that it looks and sounds.

Many organizations already do plenty of things that would translate well to the web. Politicians give speeches all the time. Non profits have member meetings, or board meetings, conference calls.

Recording these events, either audio or video, and then making this content available on the web gives site visitors a reason to come back over and over again. A conference call can easily be recorded using Skype and some desktop software. A press conference can be recorded with a digital voice recorder, or a laptop, or digital camera with video recording capabilities. Sites like YouTube allow you to upload video and serve it out to the web. GarageBand and Audacity are two applications that let a user edit audio on the desktop and encode it as an MP3 file.

I used my Canon SD450 camera to shoot short videos during the OSCMS-Summit and uploaded them to YouTube and embedded them into our blog on this site. The process was simple. A non profit could record short clips of board members, or members talking about what happened at an event or a meeting, no post production is really necessary, and upload them to the web for people to see.

The idea here is not to add more work to the non-profit’s or politician’s or candidate’s plate, but to leverage the things they already do, and grab some low hanging fruit to create compelling content for their website.