Ad Council “Public Service” annoucement Discourages Activism


This has got to be one of the strangest AdCouncil ads I have every seen. The plackard reads something like “Stop Pollution” and the bottom reads something like “Saving the World Isn’t easy, saving a life is. Give Blood.”

The AdCouncil is an industry/corporate financed nonprofit group that creates and places “public service announcements”.

I don’t deny that there is a persitent shortage in the blood supply. But isn’t this just a tacit message that it is foolish to think that you can change the fact that big industry is polluting our planet, or even larger, that one person can change the wold? so give up, and just give blood instead?

Why does the ad pit environmental and EJ activism against blood donation (or vice versa). Why not juxtapose partying every night, and spending tons of money on personal etnertainment or consumer products, or any other activity that doesn’t do anything to change the world or save lives and suggest that people maybe pay a little more attention to the world around them by:
Donating Blood
Getting involved in their community through environmental or social activism, mentoring, tutoring, community development.
Rather than indulging themselves in gluttenous Americanism?

I started poking around on the ad council website only to see that they also have an environmental conservation campaign (not much more than an ad for recycling). it seems to me that this Blood campaign undermines activism and reinforces the in the minds of disafected young people that they really can’t effect the world. Or am I being too sensitive about this.

I’ve got an ad for them (they are free to use it) [Pint of beer on a bar] “This pint of beer may quench your thirst. It may make you fat. It may give you a buzz. It won’t save a life. A pint of blood will save 3. Take a night off and give blood.”

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