While we were sleeping, World War 3 started…

<p>Daniel Shore pointed out on NPR this morning that all the articles on the front page of today's NYT aboce the fold are about Terrorism.</p> <p>As i have been consuming media over the last 2 weeks since the London Bombings, I have been thinking about terrorism and te violence in the world and what we really do have here i think is what history books may call the third world war. The battle with terrorists, or perhaps more accurately "guerilla fighters from the extreme islamists movement" are launching campaigns on multiple fronts all around the world. </p> <p>As Saddam has leanerned, you cannot challenge the US military with a typical military campaign. It's j ust not possible. The US millitary is to big, to sophisticated. No one can beat us in head to head battle.</p> <p>Unfortunately, our enimies now realize this, and they have figured out a way to fight us and our allies that is really a different kind of asymetrical warfare. They are not challenging our military. There are no sustained campaigns. Just surgical strikes at scattered targets.</p> <p>The exception of course would be where our military and Iraqi civilians are constant targets in Iraq.</p> <p>And as we compenstate, around the world, to try to protect and spread democracy and freedom, it looks every day, like we have less of it here at home.</p> <p>New york has started random bag and package searches in the Subway System, violating every fifth passengers constitutional rights that are supposed to protect them from illegal searches. Boston and Washington DC are considering following suit. CCTV cameras are ubiquitous, our movements are tracked, the patriot act allows sneak and peak searches…. All measures that would have the founders of our nation up in arms.</p>

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