We don't need to remember: how google is changing our brains

<p>Remembering is not as important as it used to be. </p> <p>Before the internet (or before this moment in history) technicians or crafts people HAD to learn how to do things, and relied upon that knowledge over and over again to do their jobor what have you. You needed to learn how to get from point a to point b (literally, in terms of travel).</p> <p>And while this still holds true for skilled craftsman, it doesn't hold true accross teh spectrum of jobs or tasks. We no longer need to have a mental map of the entire city, or county or state, we can google map directions.</p> <p>a coworker just asked me how to do a redirect in an .htaccess file. I ahve made maybe dozens of these file sin the last year (i know that is not too much) but for the life of me, i can't ever remember how to make them, i always refer back to a previous one or I type .htaccess redirect into google and find my answer.</p> <p>The internet has become a collective memory, and google is the way we access it. Knowing how to access information is important, but knowing information…not so much, in a connected age we can always just google it.</p>

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