Wanna build a house with me?

<p>Obviously, not going to happen in NYC. But wouldn't it be nice to have a house outside of the city? In the "country" somewhere? Well, my friend Hope mentioned [l:http://www.alternatives.com/cob-building/what.html|Cob] construction to me. It is the process of building with an earth/sand/clay/straw mixture that allows you to really "sculpt" the structure. Durable, eco-friendly, and the website claims "Fun!". So come build a house with me! I haven;t figured out where yet. But who needs [gh:node/259|Ready Made's] mediation shack building plans now!</p>
<p>This is the best idea I've had since cultivating my own gourmet mushrooms.*</p>
<p>*<i>Yes, I had the idea. No, it hasn't been realized yet.</i></p>

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