"Trust No One"

<p>[l:http://www.nten.org/2005-sf-eff|Kevin Bankston] from [lk:eff.org|EFF] gave the keynote presentation at the [lk:nten.org|NTEN Regional in SF on Friday]. His presenation could have been called "Trust No One". It was a wakeup call for anyone who was listening who didn't already think about security. The talk ranged from a background of how we have gotten to where we are with privacy on the internet (content vs non content data), email snooping, logs of browsing, traffic analysis etc…</p> <p>I can't find the powerpoint online yet, but here is the short of it:<br /> ISPs and Websites are collecting all too much data and keeping it for too long. The government and civil litigants (think file sharing, the RIAA and MPAA) can get access to it, sometimes very easily and without your knowledge.<br /> We all should not be storing out email online (privacy after 180 days is questionable) and we should be using encryption whenever practical. We should also be using different logins and passwords on different sites and not be using any web based services for searching our desktops.</p> <p>check out <a href="http://tor.eff.org" title="http://tor.eff.org">http://tor.eff.org</a></p>