Thin Slicing: Ed Batista interprets Malcom Gladwell

<p>I just read [l:|Ed Batista's blog entry about Malcom Gladwell's "Blink"] (well the first isntallment anyway) and it is enought to make me go buy the book. It seems really interesting. This struck me in Ed's entry</p> <p><cite>It's clear that the online environment is one in which our adaptive unconscious can play a significant role. When users arrive at your website–especially, but not only, first time users–they're thin slicing. They're going to make relatively fast decisions on the basis of relatively little information, to determine how–or even whether–they should proceed. To be effective, your site must anticipate your users' snap judgments and meet with their approval immediately. You probably won't have many chances, so your site has to make the most of every opportunity.</cite></p> <p>As web designers, or people advising folks on web design we really must think about this more than anything else, and must advise our clients that all the flash in the world won't get a visitor to come back as quickly as good design and good content.</p> <p>Unfortunately, it starts to make websites very formulaic, particularly websites of the candidate variety, there is not much room for innovation: bio, positions, endorsements, volunteer, donate, news, blog.</p> <p>But present it in a visually appealing and sensible manner and you will have a leg up over your competition.</p>

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