The Principles Project

<p><a href="" title=""></a></p> <p>While I like that they use CivicSpace it is Pretty sad…</p> <p>That <a href="" target="_blank">this roster of groups</a> could only muster <a href="" target="_blank">about 1200 people</a> from their myriad subscribers to actually vote in this poll. Does it mean:<br /> 1) That the orgs didn't email all their "members"<br /> 2) That their "member" lists are not fresh (lots of dead email addresses or messages getting caught in spam filters)<br /> 3) That "members" are fatigued and don't open/click through the emails from these groups anymore.<br /> 4) "members" don't believe in the utility of an overarching statement of principals for progressives and therefore did not vote?</p> <p>The answer is probably some combination of these factors including a slightly poor site design that doesn't (or at least didn;t on monday) make it clear to (and easy for) a hurried user that you had to register with the site in order to vote. Perhpas there should have been more choices (as in, "I like them all equally" or "i like none of them at all" and "I don't think that we need a statement of principles"</p> <p>I think that it is important for 2020 Dems and the other rogs to sit down and figure out why they could only move 1200 people to the simple action of reading 3 statements and casting a vote.</p>