The Disutility of gift giving

<p>My brother talks about this all the time. He doesn't like gift giving (or getting) that much. And I can relate. Often times you get stuff you don't want, or spend all together too much time buying things for people that they do not want either.</p>
<p>[l:|This is a great little commentary from Market Place] about the utility, or rather dis-utility of gift giving (from an economic point). Apparently there is a 10% discrepancy between cost and utility of holiday gifts. And that only accounts for the cost of the gift, not the amount of time and energy it takes to think of the gift, shop for the gift, gasoline for the car, parking fees, wrapping paper, tape, bows…</p>
<p>Don't get me wrong, I'm no scrooge.</p>
<p>Buy less, save more time, more money, and give thoughtful gifts (not necessarily material ones) to those you love, and don't get sucked into the holiday industrial complex of shopping, wrapping… and returning. I am sure that the time spent shopping for a loved one would be more appreciated if it were simply spent with that loved one.</p>

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