The Deflated

<p>Just saw this on [l:|Common Dreams]<br />
(originally from [l:|the LA Times]<br />
<b>SUV Drivers in Paris Get Wind Knocked Out of Them<br />
A clandestine group lets air out of tires as a form of protest. The vehicles' owners are not amused.</b></p>
<p><cite>But five weeks after the clandestine crew of environmentalists launched a low-intensity war on SUVs in Paris, there are no casualties to report. Except, of course, for dozens of deflated gas-guzzling vehicles, said Sous-Adjudant Marrant (Sub-Warrant Officer Joker), the mysterious, masked leader of [l:|Les Dégonflés]….The eco-guerrillas deflate tires without damaging them, smear doors with mud and paste handbills on windshields proclaiming that the vehicles are dangerous, polluting behemoths that do not belong in the city.</cite></p>
<p>Brilliant! Perhaps some New Yorkers will join their friench brethren in taking up pencaps against SUVs!</p>

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